Space Age Media provides its customers with quality hosting services at a fraction of the cost of many other services. Space Age Media's hosting services include the following:
  • POP Accounts
  • Statistical Reports
  • E-mail Forwarding
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Predefined CGI
  • Front Page Extensions
  • Domain Name
  • Perl
  • FTP Access
  • E-mail Auto Responders
  • Emergency Back-Up Service
  • Non-Profit Discount
  • Daily Server Back-Up
  • Access to Logs
  • FrontPage Extensions
  • Money Back Guarantee

Space Age Media clients have the option of choosing one of four packages (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum) to insure that their service fits their needs.

Package Storage Data Traffic Cost
Bronze 100MB 5GB Free $14.99/month
Silver 200MB  10GB Free $24.99/month
Gold 500MB 15GB Free $49.99/month
Platinum 500 plus MB 30GB Free
There is a one-time Set Up Fee of $35.00 for each of the above plans. 

There is No Fee if you register the domain yourself. There is a one-time Set Up Fee of $70.00 if you would like us to register the domain for you.  

This fee includes:

  • Domain registration
  • Set up of 3 POP3 Accounts
  • Configuration of


Customers who exceed the Storage and Data Traffic limits of their package will be charged on a monthly basis at the following rates:


Overage Charge
1-20 MB $20.00
21-100 MB $100.00
100 MB Plus $100.00 plus $1 per additional MB


Overage Charge
1-50 MB $50.00
51-200 MB $200.00
201-500 MB $500.00
501-1000 MB $1000.00
1000 MB Plus $1000 plus $1 per additional MB