Domain Registration:

You have decided on the domain name that you want, you have made sure that it is available, but you still have not developed your Web site. We have the solution for you.

We will register the domain name for you, and we will keep it active. Once you have built your Web site, you can rest assured that your domain name has not been taken by someone else, and that you will be able to start using it immediately.

This service will cost $50 which covers the domain hosting fee as well as the 2-year domain registration. Go to our Sign Up page and take advantage of this unique service.


Search Engine Entry:

So, you've built your website and now you are waiting for the visitors to start flooding in. Perhaps you used a product or service to submit to hundreds or thousands of search engines, yet the promised visitors have never arrived? The problem is that submitting is not enough. Submission companies and the media often promote search engine submission as the solution to your traffic woes. The reality is that people must be able to find your website when searching with the keywords that apply to your website. Since most people do not look past the first one to three pages of results, you MUST rank near the top in order to be found. Space Age Media has the know how to MAKE SURE that you rank at the top of the list and that you are found by your potential customers.

Secure Credit Card Transactions:

Through our extensive parterships Space Age Media is able to provide you with secure credit card transaction capabilitites. This service provides instant card verification and all transactional services. With no trouble at all you will be collecting sales revenue over the Internet and expand your sales reach further then you had ever imagined..



Space Age Media's Database Only Hosting is the solution every Web site needs to bring true interactivity to your Web site as well as taking advantage of your existing databases.

We even make it easy through providing a generic database administration system for making changes or additions to your databases through the Web. In addition customized interfaces are available at cost-effective prices through our development team.

Basic management screens and modules are included with our services. Database managers will have the ability to ADD information or EDIT / DELETE information using search functions. Interfaces, custom searches, and search screens can be developed at the client's request.

Contact us for more information regarding these services.